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An admissions counselor will be in touch soon with more information about the New York School of Interior Design and how we can help you become a successful designer.

For now, get excited! Start imagining all the spaces you could design that affect the lives of millions, like restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, spas, hospitals, homeless shelters, apartment complexes, coworking offices, schools, community centers, and more.

A lobby rendering made by Lisa Samuelsson, a 2017 BFA student
Lisa Sameulsson, BFA ’17
A lounge rendering made by Kwanghae Lee, a 2017 BFA student
Kwanghae Lee, BFA ’17
A hotel room rendering made by Aries Swangler, a 2018 BFA student
Aries Swangler, BFA ’18
A high top bar rendinger made by Xie Dongsheng, a 2018 BFA student
Xie Dongsheng, BFA ’18